1. To create a common Association amongst Female Archbishops, Bishops and Clergy in the world to stand as a pillar for one another.

2. Members shall carry out charitable projects and establish social welfare centres as well as other ventures for skills and entrepreneurship for women and youths in different countries of the world.

3. affiliate, collaborate with other organizations to empower our members intellectually and skill wise.

4. To build a quality Bishops College to raise quality and genuine leaders nationally and globally and shall ordain, Consecrate bishops, enthrone Archbishops in conformity with scriptural principles and international standards.

5. To work in alliance with various government of Nations in the world to reduce conflicts, insurgency and insecurity via our peace , safety and chaplaincy Corps.

6. To unite, empower, develop and promote the spirit and numerical growth of the church of Jesus Christ by organizing crusades, trainings, and conferences for excellent performance

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