Benefits of Being An Affiliate With FGCU and IKU

  1. You have entered Global recognition.
  2. Your institution  will be recognized in Nations where FGCU operates on correspondence program.
  3.  Your students will be confidence and have peace of mind to learn
  4. Your School Degree/Certificate will bear FGCU name and accreditation
  5. You will receive beautiful and three years Affiliation certificate
  6. You will get free approved electronic textbook
  7. You will have access to International activities
  8. You will join FGCU International travels  Program 
  9. You will be licensed as FGCU International partner
  10. Your educational life will be improved
  11. You will be able to meet with world renowned Professor and Biblical Scholars
  12. You will be under FGCU and IKU and Covering
  13. You will have direct link to FGCU Founder and Chancellor 

Cardinal Professor Mrs princess Chioma Ononiwu D,D, D. Hum

Founder. Chancellor  and International Director


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